The streets could soon be awash with Bentley-driving teenagers, research by Peart Insurance Brokers has warned.

Over the past 18 months the average age of a Bentley, Aston Martin or Ferrari owner has fallen by 10 years, from 45 to 35.

Underwriting and agency manager Brian Gent says: “Until recently it was rare to see anyone under 45 owning one of these cars.”

The company was unable to confirm either Gent’s age or his car.

At the current rate of decline, by Christmas 2011, the average age of drivers of these flash cars will have fallen to five.

Luckily enough, Peart Insurance Brokers offers non-standard insurance for modified cars and drivers with poor claims records, including younger drivers.

Better yet, its cover extends to other age groups – “even professional footballers,” it says. No prizes for guessing what they spend their money on.