I just thought I would let you know of a recent experience I had with a long standing client of ours.

He visited our office to inquire about his forthcoming renewal premium. We produced the renewal documents via the InsureE.com system.

This produced 18 pages of documentation of which 90% was FSA-related blurb.

Having presented this to the client he asked why he needed all of this as he only wanted to know his premium and confirmation of cover and drivers he had.

He then proceeded to request that I throw the excessive paperwork in the bin, to which I replied I cannot as I have a duty of disclosure to conform with.

But I said: "You can throw in the bin if you so wish." He did.

Am I breaking the rules by allowing him to access my bin?

Or should I have a "dedicated FSA" bin in my office for such purposes?

Name & address withheld