The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has asked the small business minister to step in on the issue of recovering NHS costs in personal injury claims.

The FSB called on Nigel Griffiths to "make further interventions on behalf of the small business community" on the consultation document, The Recovery of NHS Costs in all Cases Involving Personal Injury Compensation.

The FSB said it was concerned that hospital patients might come under pressure to pursue a claim because of the hospital's interest in reclaiming treatment costs.

It added: "The FSB is dismayed that firms may be forced to give in to compensation claims because the onerous additional costs generated by this proposed legislation will make it too expensive for them to risk the costs of fighting a case."

It has yet to receive a response from the minister.

In September, the ABI warned that businesses would face a 5% rise in employers' liability bills under plans to recover the costs of treating victims of workplace injuries.

Under the Road Traffic NHS Charges Act, if a patient wins compensation, NHS trusts can claim back treatment fees from a driver's insurance company.