Groupama is launching a marketing facility to help brokers target new SME business.

The facility, Optimiser, will use direct and telemarketing techniques to generate leads and appointments for brokers.

The calls will be broker-branded, with no mention of the insurer.

Groupama distribution and customer services director Amanda Blanc said: "It's like having a very, very pushy PA who knows about insurance and understands what information the broker will need. This is part of our commitment to helping brokers to grow their businesses."

Although the facility will target business which Groupama is most likely to want to write, any business generated will be put out to tender among insurers.

Blanc said: "Once we get the opportunity to quote for the business we should get a higher than normal conversion rate because we will have pre-selected certain trades, and will be working with people we have a close relationship with."

' Groupama will transact most of its business electronically by the end of this year, according to managing director François-Xavier Boisseau.

The insurer has made a £25m IT investment to consolidate its systems on to one platform. The electronic business target will be achieved through the insurer's web portal and imarket.