Homes flour-bombed or hit by eggs costs insurers dear

Halloween (31 October) is also the worst day of the year for malicious damage to homes, according to insurers AXA and Saga, the Guardian reports.

  • AXA expects house insurance claims rise by 270% on Halloween
  • Saga claims 3.6 million homeowners will face damage to their properties
  • Claims include broken windows, theft, and damage caused to paintwork by broken eggs
  • Last year, 15% of 2,044 people questioned by Saga said their house had been egged or flour-bombed on Halloween.

Downloadable posters

Police and local councils say it is more effective to display a "No trick or treat" sign in the porch or front window than to pretend to be out. Many councils and police stations have printable posters for homeowners to download on their websites.