Home insurance customers confused over insurer web pages, says survey.

Many home insurance websites fail to offer a good service to customers, a new survey has found.

One thousand home insurance customers were asked to score the quality of the home insurance websites of leading brokers and direct insurers, by Global Reviews, the customer experience benchmarking company.

Criteria included the content and tools, customer support, prospective customer information and site utility.

The average score for the websites was 47%. The highest scoring provider was Lloyds TSB with 52%. Kwik-Fit received the lowest score of 39%.

Customers were also asked to rate the quality of the providers’ web pages they were directed to from an aggregator site. Here the insurance industry scored poorly, with an average of 37%.

This meant that customers that click through from a comparison site to these sites were likely to be very confused by the page they landed on, Global Reviews said.

The highest scoring companies were LV= and Saga, which both achieved 60%. The AA had the lowest score of 23%.

The survey also asked customers how they choose home insurance and the role of the internet in that process.

It found that when researching their home insurance, 53% of customers browsed individual insurance websites, 41% used a search engine to find providers and 29% visited a comparison website. Only 22% carried out their research by phone.

When asked what had been the most useful method of researching providers, 20% of customers said that they found the comparison sites most useful and 19% said browsing individual websites. Only 7% found the phone useful.

Global Reviews director, Adam Goodvach said: “With price comparison sites playing such an important role in attracting customers, it is surprising that the landing pages from these sites are so unhelpful.

“There are many customers researching and buying their home insurance online and providers wanting to attract these customers need to make sure that their website offers the information and service they are looking for.”