Major insurer partners with HomeServe Labs to provide LeakBot, the smart-connected water leak detector

HomeServe Labs has partnered with its fourth major insurer, Covea Insurance, to provide its smart connected water leak detector, LeakBot.

HomeServe Labs has already partnered with Aviva, RSA, and Legal and General. 

This partnership will allow brokers, and their high net worth clients, the chance to use the product, which can help protect against water damage and leaks in the home.

Escape of water is the second biggest driver of home insurance claims. A leak in the home can cause major disruption and distress for customers, especially as leaks are often hidden with water escaping slowly over a long period of time, meaning homeowners often aren’t aware there is an issue until it is too late.

According to HomeServe, the partnership is designed to support brokers by allowing them to:

  • Differentiate from competitors in the market by offering cutting-edge technology combined with HomeServe’s superior Find & Fix service to their high net worth customers
  • Quickly and easily become IoT innovators with no technical training
  • Form ongoing relationships with customers outside the annual renewal cycle and work to a proactive rather than reactive business model

Sara Simmons, head of high net worth at Covéa Insurance said: “We are proud to become one of the early pioneers in this space and we are excited to see how the broker community and their customers will benefit. Insurance brokers can offer the leading edge LeakBot technology fully supported by HomeServe’s Find & Fix service and add further value through their customer insight and years of industry expertise.”

Craig Foster, managing director at HomeServe Labs, said: “The market is being disrupted by smart home innovation and LeakBot provides a quick and effective way for insurance customers to protect their homes and eliminate unnecessary claims.

“We are excited to partner with respected high net worth insurer, Covéa Insurance and offer LeakBot to its broking community to help make preventable escape of water claims a thing of the past. We share the same values as Covéa Insurance of protecting customers against the worst happening, with the ultimate aim of keeping life moving for Customers through our connected device.”