Four letter word...and it's not 'ruff'

Does the Churchill dog swear in the company’s latest TV ad? The alleged foul language of the nodding dog has sparked controversy and much discussion.

Viewers have claimed that the animated character uses the F-word at the end of the advert.

The dog is said to utter the expletive after his ‘Oh, yes’ catchphrase while Here I Go Again by rock band Whitesnake plays in the background. The ad has now become a hit on YouTube as people debate whether the dog swears or not.

Churchill insists that the dog does not swear and that the scripts are vetted.

“I can assure you that Churchill Insurance would never use foul or abusive language in any of its advertising,” a spokesman said. “People are having a laugh, but we would not seek to use that sort of profanity in our adverts.”

But it is certainly good publicity for Churchill.