We are delighted to have won the Claims Initiative of the Year Award 2006.

InterResolve is revolutionising the way that injury claims are captured, funded and settled - giving insurers for the first time real control over the third party claims process and costs.

This award comes at a time when increasing numbers of insurers and captives are buying into the InterResolve system and seeing the potential for further substantial savings in liability exposures.

For years now, claims have been farmed in by the claims companies, sold off to lawyers and put through an adversarial process that creates unacceptable delays for genuine claimants and excessive costs for the liability insurers.

The InterResolve system reaches claimants before the existing claims companies get there and then provides early notification to insurers.

As well as providing the infra-structure for all this, InterResolve also acts as the neutral in the process, facilitating communications between all parties, arranging proportionate claimant legal advice at agreed fixed prices and pre-action settlements through mediation.

In all, the savings for insurers are substantial and third party legal and transaction costs are brought down by up to 80%.

This is the future for claims and 2007 will see further developments by InterResolve in this and other sectors, including motor and travel claims.

We look forward to delivering continued success in this area with a win-win system for all key stakeholders.