Acturis launched the Acturis broker platform in July 2002, creating a ground-breaking front and back-office broking system, which is now used by over 2,500 users in the UK market.

Acturis is used by brokers with the pedigree of Marsh, Locktons, Smart & Cook, Oval, Giles Insurance Brokers, Broker Network and Layton Blackham Business Solutions, as well as many other UK-based general insurance brokers, too numerous to mention individually.

Acturis has been recognised for achieving a number of industry firsts in its four and a half years of live trading:

- First broking system to connect via a real-time XML integration with a commercial insurer's back office system, with AXA Business Risk

- First broking system to connect via a real-time XML integration with a premium finance provider's back-office system, with iPrompt

- First broking system to integrate with a commercial insurer for complex non-automated commercial business, with Allianz Cornhill

- First broking system to trade live business in a fully integrated way with the Polaris commercial Imarket.

In addition to this string of industry firsts, Acturis has also been the fastest growing system in its marketplace over the same period, as well as keeping pace with the ever moving requirements of FSA compliance.

This has all resulted in Acturis brokers having a cutting-edge broking system, capable of integrating with their key business partners and assisting them with the internal management of their businesses.

Acturis is proud to be awarded Service Provider of the Year at the Insurance Times Awards in 2006, and will continue to work hard to justify this accolade going forward.