Woman wins £3.3m after partner crashed car following cannabis consumption 

A woman who suffered brain injuries after her cannabis-consuming partner crashed the car he was driving has won £3.3m.

Zenith Insurance will pay injury victim Christina Vibert to settle the case.

The mum-of-two suffered horrific injuries when her partner, mechanic Ross Graham, ploughed into the back of a lorry at a roundabout in Edinburgh in 2013. Graham, 22, died in the crash. 

Zenith, which insured the Honda CRX, originally claimed another driver had been racing Graham just before the crash happened and that he should be part of the compensation payout.

But a judge found Graham was entirely at fault for speeding - and his insurer Zenith should meet the payout for Vibert, 31, who was a front seat passenger with seat-belt strapped. 

In a written ruling, Lady Clark said one possible explanation for the crash was his consumption of cannabis before the tragedy, but this was not explored in any detail.

Witnesses claimed Graham was doing 60mph in a 40mph zone. Vibert now has difficulties communicating, walking and memory problems. 

She originally wanted £5m for pain and suffering, care costs, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, extra accommodation and adaptation costs and loss of earnings, employability and pension benefits, The Express writes.