Capital: use it or lose it

Capital: use it or lose it
The biggest challenge for the chief executives of Europe's largest insurers is in knowing how to use their capital strength to greatest effect. They face tough choices about where to place their investments and are under pressure from shareholders and stakeholders to demonstrate they are using capital wisely.

  • All channels to all customers
    Insurers have put customers at the heart of their business; they want their customers to have access to them anywhere, anytime. But they also have to direct the right services to the right customer.

  • Brand wars
    Brand strategies are key issues for management. Insurers strongly value their brand, but are divided as to how to maximise its use in the market. In an age of information overload, they believe brand will provide the signposts for buyers and drive their decision making.

  • The technology trap
    Insurers acknowledge that while the right technology choices can be expensive, wrong moves can be fatal, and for medium-sized companies, making the right choice of technology will be a financial challenge.

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