Backchat is allowing one more week for entries to the Insurance Industry Awards evening picture caption competition sponsored by Norwich Union. But you will have to do well as there are several good entries in already.

The lewd ones are quite funny but Backchat has to admit that he favours the captions related to either the evening itself or the insurance industry in general.

A case of NU's finest Champers is available to the winner, and one has already been sent to Jane Hall of Independent Insurance, who took the photo. The names of the people in the picture will be revealed shortly.

In the meantime, here are just three of the entries so far. How about: It's true! No one who attends these functions has anything between their ears! Or there's: Wake up! Didn't you hear? Michael hasn't won again.

Or pehaps you prefer: Psssst.....can I interest you in playing for the other side Sir....... or are you already in favour of the GISC?

So get those entries coming in to the usual address or fax number or by email to