Internet insurance intermediary Its4me is to provide motor insurance for online personal finance service Interactive Investor International.

Its4me will offer motor insurance information using an advanced service that allows customers to obtain tailored quotes, modify policy details and complete motor transactions online.

Interactive Investor's 1.2 million account holders will also be able to pay for policies in monthly instalments.

Screentrade, Hiscox and Direct Life and Pensions will continue to provide content for the rest of Interactive Investor's insurance centre.

Rob Quayle, Interactive Investor product marketing manager, said: “The partnership offers customers access to some of the most advanced facilities currently available and the potential to obtain excellent value for money.

“We are also confident that the multi-channel interface will help increase conversion rates.”

Its4me's chairman Patrick Smith said: “Being selected as the sole provider of motor insurance to Interactive Investor is a further endorsement of Its4me's offering. Interactive Investor has one of the largest user bases on the web and we will be working closely to provide a service tailored to the specific needs of customers.”

Its4me was launched last year by Smith, formerly managing director of Norwich Union Direct. Another ex-Norwich Union employee, Paul Cheall, is the company's managing director.

Quayle said Interactive Investor was committed to developing its insurance centre and would continue to update the services it offers.

Interactive Investor was founded in August 1995 and the website was launched two months later.