The London aviation market is not the main insurer for the jet that crash-landed in Toronto last week, it has been confirmed.

The aviation pool La Réunion Aérienne of Paris confirmed that it was leading hull and liability coverage.

The Air France jet was valued at about $131m (£73m) with the aviation insurance pool, but as much as $100m (£56m) is also expected in claims for injuries and lawsuits.

The International Insurance Institute estimates the accident will cost insurers around $200m (£112m).

The plane, en route from Paris to Toronto, overran the runway upon landing in poor weather conditions and burst into flames shortly after all passengers escaped. There were no fatalities but 43 people were injured in the crash, according to a statement by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

But brokers expected the market to remain largely unaffected by the accident.

Mario Montelatici, general manager of Sirius International Insurance, said he did not expect the accident to have a major impact on the industry, though it would serve to remind underwriters of the potential size of loss that could have occurred.