Club’s insurer Zurich challenged inconsistent evidence

A judge threw out a £60,000 claim against a Northern Ireland nightclub because it lacked credible evidence.

Shane Carton said he was injured in the Aura Nightclub, Portstewart, when he slipped and fell on drink and broker glass on the dance floor.

The injury fractured his right ankle, but Carton did not report the it to a member of staff before leaving the club.

He subsequently claimed the injuries were due to the negligence of the nightclub owners and claimed the injuries meant he was unable to work for 23 months.

The bar’s owner insisted the accident did not happen on the premises and pointed to inconsistencies between his version of events and medical and ambulance staff records.

Zurich, the nightclub’s insurers, estimated his claim would have amounted to £60,000 if it had been successful.

It challenged the case on the basis of the quality of the evidence and witness statements the claimant provided.

Zurich claims fraud and investigations manager Scott Clayton said: “Fraudulent claims add a substantial cost to everyone’s insurance premiums, therefore we owe it to our customers to ensure we only pay for genuine claims.  

“It is our belief that this was an attempt to secure a large sum of money on the basis of very little evidence.”