The Law Commission has called on the insurance industry to provide its views on the areas of insurance law that need to be reformed.

This week it published a scoping paper looking at the problematic areas of insurance contract law that need to be changed.

The Law Commission said the current law was "increasingly incoherent".

A spokesman said: "Insurance law has long been criticised for its lack of clarity, archaic rules and potential to cause unfairness to the policyholder."

The scoping paper is the first stage in a project, which will later review the areas believed to be problematic and recommend reform, if appropriate.

It has already been decided that non-disclosure, misrepresentation and breach of warranty will be considered.

Biba chief executive Eric Galbraith said other areas that might be considered are insurable interests and joint policies.

But Galbraith added: "If they are going to concentrate on carrying out a review on areas decided on in the scoping paper, then that will be sufficient.

"This is very relevant to the insurance industry and there is a very good chance that Biba and its members will contribute in some way to this once we have looked at the paper and the progress made."

The closing date for responses is 19 April.