Let's develop a new attitude which is proactive, is positive and immediate and focuses on getting people back to work quicker, helping lower claims costs, improve individual well being and improving, above all, improving productivity of UK plc

We believe it's essential that rehabilitation is not simply viewed as a medical solution, vocational and wider family and social issues, emotional rehabilitation, should all be addressed within a rehabilitation programme.

The need to ensure that all injury claims, regardless of blame, are considered for rehabilitation, and in particular, early intervention must be the key to success. The next piece of the jigsaw will be incentives to rehabilitate through credit incorporation tax, or other tax liability. This sort of imaginative cross-selling by central government would be a clear signal that government is committed to rehabilitation, rather than merely paying lip service to the rhetoric.

Insurers would see immediate benefits through a no-fault based rehab process that intervenes at the first opportunity, long before a lawyer has come anywhere near the case. And the benefits to GPs would be the freeing up of their valuable and limited clinical time and their removal from the burden of issuing sick notes.