Accidental claims

I am writing in response to Roger Hind's letter (4 July, Insurance Times). As a specialist in the leisure industry Leisureinsure sees many liability claims, which, to be fair, get more and more ridiculous. Therefore we agree entirely with his sentiments regarding awards given, but feel judges are not solely to blame.

Take the example of a claim which landed on my desk this morning. A husband, wife and kids went to a Laser Quest site that we insure. The father ran into wall and cut his eye. Probably embarrassed by his stupidity he refused First Aid, but a few days later sought legal advice.

This begs the question why the solicitor didn't send him on his way so the case wouldn't even get to court. I am not suggesting that the ultimate responsibility doesn't rest on the judge, but feel that the situation could be helped if all those involved take a moral stance against this crazy situation. Unfortunately, as a result of this type of claim being settled, we see more and more companies going out of business, or certain types of cover becoming unavailable.

There used to be a time when an accident was exactly that.

L Kendall


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