Lloyd's chairman Lord Levene, very happy after the market posted nearly £2bn in profits for 2003, is testing a new car.

Backchat has heard that his driver Norman has been seen driving a spanking new Audi A6 saloon around Leadenhall Market. Normally, Lord Levene is seen sitting in the back seat of a BMW 7 Series saloon.

A source close to Lloyd's said: "I would be very surprised if Lord Levene was going to give up that car. It is very comfortable inside and has its own TV. I doubt the Audi has such luxuries."

Meanwhile, Lloyd's has unveiled a new press campaign. Some straplines caught Backchat's eye. "Everything's fresher in a market," with fresher written in green no less; "The leading edge is a risky place," with the word risky written at an angle. But Backchat's favourite: "Wisdom comes with age."