According to a report (News, 12 October) Lloyd's chief executive Richard Ward said: "With the industry reputation at an all time low, there has never been a greater need to improve the level of service to our customers and the clarity of business processes."

Talking to many people in the market I am unsure as to whether he is entirely right about service being at an all time low.

I have many business and technology friends in the market and they might find this comment quite offensive, especially from somebody so new to the industry.

Most international clients are very happy with the service they receive and are especially happy with the moves made in London regarding contract certainty .

However, there are areas of IT which can be used to help the market, especially document repositories, but this is not rocket science and is already being tackled.

The chairman's moves to improve the tax problems is also being well received.

Ward's own ideas will be studied with interest.

Roger Foord