Andrew Blowers, chief executive,

Blowers said that now that our daily lives have become so much busier, the company that made it easier and quicker in offering insurance would be off to a flying start.

Insurance delivery had changed over the years, he said, largely due to ease of cost and delivery.

"As far as the future, it is anyone's guess," he said.

Text messages, according to Blowers, could hold the key for insurance delivery, although for the present and for the foreseeable future, the internet would grow in leaps and bounds as more and more business types shifted into that arena.

Blowers suggested that the fundamental dynamic of an ongoing business was: who can delivery product easily, at the cheapest price, and most conveniently to the customer?

For the market, the big battleground of the future, particularly in personal lines, would be the internet, where he said big direct insurers were increasingly struggling to have it their own way.