The best insurance is a Biba broker

Travel, they say, broadens the mind.

Perhaps it’s my age but, having just returned from a trip overseas during Christmas and New Year, it’s not so much about broadening the mind but highlighting the varying degrees of service that you can be exposed to, both in the air and on the ground.

I encountered very good and very bad service during my trip, and at both these levels it was the smallest things that counted, and created the highest level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Service – that is, assistance given to customers – is at the top of my list of management initiatives and mantras.

Now, of course, at Biba it’s about the assistance we give to our members, but whatever term you use – members, customers or clients – they must remain the top priority. Everything else is just background noise (mostly a never ending regulatory overture).

Anyway, it’s back to business and the team here at Biba House has finalised one our building blocks for 2008. It’s been a few months in the draft stage but we have now launched what will be a first for us – the Biba Manifesto designed to help us promote our sector.

The manifesto is defined as a declaration of policies or just a declaration, a platform or a policy statement. It is the sort of document you will find associated with political parties. The document forms a vital part of our public affairs work and will help highlight what Biba is all about to ministers and government departments. It’s not our full business plan but a summary of where we intend to influence matters.

The document will help focus the mind on some key issues during the next 12 months ensuring that our members not only get the very best of representation from us, but to continue to develop and grow just as the manifesto will. As the strapline of the manifesto declares: “The best insurance is a BIBA broker.”