Damage management specialist Munters is launching a new service for insurers where fire damaged properties are dehumidified on a square metre rate.

The company already offers its clients a square metre rate for flood and water damaged properties. Insurers prefer this method because it allows them a "written guarantee" on restoration costs.

Marketing manager Denice Honour said: "We used to charge per room, but Norwich Union asked us whether we could develop a per metre square rate. The advantage to both parties is that we know what the cost is at the outset as it is fixed.

"It also takes away the fear that some insurers have when dealing with restoration specialists. Namely that prices are inflated and some companies keep the dehumidifying work for prolonged periods. With this service, it could take six days or six months, but your rate is agreed at the beginning and doesn't change," she added.

She said the fire damage restoration scheme had just been developed but would be on a square metre charge and the fire damage "would be graded".

It is being rolled out over the coming weeks to existing clients, she said.