People living in Milton Keynes, Doncaster and Guildford claim most under their jewellery policies, according to new research.

Statistics from the Loss Management Group (LMG) survey showed that those living in Milton Keynes claimed most per head - amounting to 12 claims per 10,000 people.

Doncaster residents made 11 claims per 1,000 people, while people from Guildford made 10 per 1,000.

Those from London and Newcastle claim least - incidences of jewellery claims were less than one per 1,000 people in these areas.

LMG managing director Tony Le Fevre said: "Obviously, the contrast between the incidence of claims in Milton Keynes and other areas of the country is huge."

He said this was probably due to more Milton Keynes residents having household insurance than those elsewhere.

"And if you do not have household insurance, you obviously cannot make a claim," he said.

He also attributes it to consumers' differing attitudes towards claiming. "Some simply never bother and some always do," he added.