It appears that many brokers feel there are only a limited number of packages available in the market-place, many of which are not fully compatible with modern technologies and applications.

We have been writing software for more than 20 years and firmly believe that good systems have never been easier. This is because the "pitch, ball and players" and possibly even the planet, are all owned by Bill Gates of Microsoft.

The IT industry cannot be blamed for brokers who hold on to or continually buy outdated software, poor quality hardware or use their "mate next door" and then complain when it doesn't perform properly. Unfortunately, the old saying still stands: "You get what you pay for."

Another problem encountered is due to businesses employing their own IT management which then empire-build within the company, becoming totally immune to advances in the rest of the world, stunting the growth of their own industry.

David Platt
Managing director
Action Data Systems

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