Changing his name couldn’t keep this fraudster from arrest

name-change fraudster convicted

A London man with a record of motor insurance fraud was caught in his latest scam, even though he had changed his name by deed poll.

Jubair Choudhary was found guilty of false representation and failing to disclose information and given a 16-month sentence suspended for two years.

In June 2014, Choudhary claimed for a collision between the vehicle he was driving and a Mercedes, which he failed to disclose was his father’s car.

To distance himself from his father, Choudhary claimed under the name Carlos Dior, to which he had changed by deed poll.

Geoffrey Insurance, formerly Chaucer, noticed that the claim involved people living at the same address and referred the case to the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED).

IFED established that Dior and Choudhary were the same person, and that he had been involved in two earlier false claims in 2010 totalling more than £10,000.

“This case illustrates that it is not possible to make a quick buck from insurance fraud. Insurers have a number of stringent checks in place that make it very difficult to deceive them,” said IFED’s Sergeant Steven Holland.

“Choudhary had not only committed fraud by false representation but also failed to disclose that he was related to the person he was claiming against as well as failing to disclose previous insurance claims and convictions, obtaining policies by fraudulently manipulating his details.”