Defra confirms 3,800 homes in council tax Band H and 5,000 new builds will not be covered

Up to 9,000 households in flood-prone areas in England and Wales will not be covered by Flood Re, according to the Financial Times.

The government’s flood insurance agreement, due to start next year, does not cover homes built after 2009, or properties in council tax Band H.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs told the FT that 3,800 homes in England and Wales in Bank H are at high risk of flooding and will not be covered.

In addition, about 5,000 homes have been built on flood plains since 2009, meaning they will also not be included.

Flood Re will see every UK household pay an additional £10 a year on top of their premium into a central pool of funds, also contributed to by insurers, which will pay for the flood risk element of insurance for high-risk homes.