A management consultancy has been launched focusing on brokers' and insurers' regulatory problems.

Salient Solutions has been formed by former MMA sales and marketing director Clare Ryder.

She said the consultancy will provide businesses with advice and practical support across a number of disciplines. This will include distribution, underwriting and strategic reviews, developing business plans and sales and marketing support, she said.

"The impact of regulation and the industry's continued focus on controlling costs means that many insurers and brokers have limited resources to identify and help develop a range of business opportunities. This is where we can help."

Ryder predicted that the two main challenges for brokers over the coming months would be regulation and maintaining market share.

"Regulation did not end on 14 January. Intermediaries must recognise that after becoming authorised they must not take their eye off the ball. They must keep up with compliance."

On market share she said: "Brokers must protect their markets and keep their business against a background of increased costs [from regulation]".