Capita Insurance Services will be exploring opportunities in the medical and legal sectors, according to managing director Bill Dye.

He said: "There is a range of professional services that we can develop our business, in regard to the insurance market, for broader applications like legal and medical.

"We can find a market today for the insurance industry which will have a broader application down the road."

His comments coincided with the announcement this week that Capita has awarded a contract for the provision of its new IT platform to business solutions company SAP.

Dye said the claims solution will increase efficiency for the company's client base and would be rolled out to all business areas over the coming year.

The first part of the SAP IT platform will go live in spring 2004.

This new platform will provide Capita with a fully-integrated claims solution, said the company. Capita claims that the number of changes made to each claim would be reduced by up to 80%.

It also said the modular system would support the outsourcing of all or selected parts of the claims process.

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