Backchat has been inundated with entries to the Insurance Industry Awards picture caption competition, sponsored by his good chums at Norwich Union. And the quality of entries has been very high (except for a few that, had they come by email, might have resulted in the senders being sacked).

Here are some from the shortlist. “I said: ‘Blimey! GISC's got a cheek, and how,' not ‘Slimy kiss on the cheek, and now',” was a cracker. Reference to award winners Zurich raised a chuckle too. “No, that is not good enough to win you an award... the Swiss guy used his tongue.”

Backchat also smirked at the joker who made the obvious connection with: “Ten quid says this gets Backchat going.” And the speed with which mergers and acquisitions are happening, particularly given reference to the prize sponsor, was a lively subject. “Before you fell asleep, they were known as Norwich Union,” proposed one wag.

And, finally, no insurance caption competition would be complete without a reference to the much-hated dual pricing. “Put the gun back. That's not what brokers mean by ‘dual pricing'.”

But after much rumination, Backchat has decided that he preferred the cheeky reference to the GISC by Nick Houghton of Blackmore Insurance Brokers of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Congratulations go to Nick, as does a case of NU's finest champagne. And the winning entry was: “Psssst... can I interest you in playing for the other side Sir... or are you already in favour of the GISC?”

And the identities of the two chappies – who are coy about their companies? Lloyd's broker Robin Cundall (left) and lawyer Peter Campion.