The insurer will underwrite business insurance via London-based business Dinghy

Allianz Insurance has partnered with London insurtech Dinghy to offer professional indemnity, public liability and business equipment cover to freelance professionals.

Dinghy provides flexible, on-demand business insurance where cover is charged by the second. Cover levels can be flexed up or down, can be turned on or off depending on workload and payments are settled in arrears.

All policies and claims can be managed and handled online via Dinghy’s mobile app or website; this includes being able to purchase policies in around three minutes.

Dinghy’s approach aims to help freelancer workers match their insurance to their work life, reduce costs and alleviate any cash flow concerns.

Dinghy does not charge any fees or admin charges.

Working models

Dorian Zanker, chief executive at Dinghy, said: “The future of work is here, and Dinghy is the future of insurance. We are serving this emerging and high growth workforce with our innovative, on-demand offering.

“We are making insurance fairer, faster and cheaper for the new and growing population of freelancers and are extremely pleased that Allianz shares our goals as well.

“With their deep expertise, I believe we have never been in a better position to make our vision a reality for all freelancers and platform workers.”

Nick Hobbs, director of broker markets at Allianz Insurance, added: “We recognise that the world of employment is changing rapidly and our work in getting to this point with Dinghy has re-emphasised that evolution.

“With insure-as-you-work solutions expected to become more prevalent, partnering with Dinghy represents a great opportunity for Allianz. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and providing flexible business solutions for this fast-growing sector of the economy.”