The initiative will enable employees to commute ‘with much less impact on the environment and our communities’, says managing director

Gloucester-based Benefact Group has launched a salary sacrifice electric car scheme to reduce its carbon emissions, with the aim of achieving net zero by 2040.

By partnering with car benefit exchange scheme supplier SG Fleet, all of the group’s UK colleagues now have the option to lease an electric vehicle of their choice.

Benefact, which owns Ecclesiastical Insurance, has also committed to offering £1,000 towards the cost of installing a charging point at home.

Richard Coleman, managing director at Ecclesiastical Insurance, said: “As a responsible insurer, we’re committed to making a positive social and environmental impact in our communities.”

‘Good progress’

Benefact said the new scheme was part of a wave of measures that were intended to reduce carbon emissions, including moving to more energy efficient offices. 

Coleman added: “We have set a goal to reach net zero by 2040 and we’re making good progress, including moving to offices that are more energy efficient.

“But we’re also committed to helping our people to reduce their personal impact too – this scheme gives employees the opportunity to make their commute with much less impact on the environment and our communities.”