’We have looked at some of our articles of association to ease some of that burden through fewer meetings,’ says chair

Biba has announced changes to its main board as it confirmed that a “special resolution” had been agreed upon to reduce burdens for members.

Members that sit on the main board serve an initial period of three years as chair of one of the advisory boards, feeding into the board insight and opinion from a representation of brokers. 

Biba chair Jonathan Evans said he was grateful for the work carried out in a variety of roles and that an agreement had been reached to ”ease some of that burden” associated with the commitment.

“Biba is incredibly grateful for all the work, time and commitment that our broker main board and advisory board members put into their roles,” he said.

”This is no small matter for them, but their insight engagement and expertise make a huge difference to us and to our members.

“We have looked at some of our articles of association to ease some of that burden through fewer meetings and also to allow for the position of chair of financial committee (fincom) to be a main board member in its own right.

”I am delighted that the main board has agreed to a special resolution making these changes and that they recognise the benefits they will bring.”


Biba has also made several appointments to its board.

Among them is Edward Castles, managing director of WTW, who accepted the role of chair of its international and wholesale brokers’ advisory board (IWBAB).

He takes the place of Ryan Bond, who has completed his tenure and steps down. 

Meanwhile, Karen Weir, managing director of Weir Insurance Brokers in Northumberland, became chair of Biba’s SME brokers’ advisory board (SMEBAB), expanding her board responsibilities as a result.

And Shona Robertson, a partner in H&R Insurance based in Scotland, was appointed deputy chair of SMEBAB and joins the main Biba board.

Graeme Trudgill, Biba chief executive, said: “It is fantastic to have someone of Eddy’s stature on our main board. He will bring a global view and a wealth of experience that is more than welcome.

”Having Karen lead SMEBAB, backed by Shona, gives a UK-wide feel to that advisory board and a strong voice for smaller brokers. They both have a long history with Biba and run successful businesses and will add much to our board.”

Speaking of her expanded role, Weir added: “I’m passionate about local insurance broking and the good smaller brokers can do in their environment.

”I am determined to ensure smaller brokers opinions count and will look for the whole of SMEBAB to seek out smaller broker issues and bring them to the table.”

Stepping down

Meanwhile, Paul Dickson, chief executive of Innovation Brokers, has stepped down from SMEBAB after reaching the end of his tenure.

However, he remains on the main board as chair of Biba’s fincom.

“Working with Biba is a fantastic way to give back to our sector,” Dickson said.

”Yes, it can be a lot of work, but all of the various advisory and main board members know it’s worthwhile.

”I’m looking forward to working with the team and welcoming the new board members. I’d like to thank the main board for agreeing to some changes that allow me to continue to be a part of this.”