New property analysis capability to be integrated into Canopius to aid in pricing

Canopius has entered into a partnership with the AI property analytics start-up Arturo.

Arturo’s deep-learning property analysis capability will be integrated into Canopius, providing physical property characteristic and predictive analytics.

The global specialty insurer said it will enable more informed and differentiated pricing decisions at the point of underwriting.

Marek Shafer, chief digital officer at Canopius, said: “Arturo’s AI-powered image analytics capability is hugely impressive.

“Canopius is excited to be harnessing this pioneering technology, which will help to fine-tune our risk selection process and improve point-of-sale underwriting.”

John-Isaac Clark, chief executive of Arturo said: “Arturo was built from the ground up within American Family Insurance and we deeply understand the specific challenges our insurance customers are trying to solve.

“We are incredibly excited to announce our relationship with Canopius and looking forward to working together to further enhance our product to meet their current and future needs.”