CFC believes that having experts come together will help navigate emerging threats to patient safety

Specialist insurance provider CFC Underwriting has today (6 January 2022) announced the creation of its new healthcare division in the London market.

This move will see CFC’s UK and international experts in eHealth, medical malpractice and allied health join forces to operate as one team that will report to Tim Boyce, who took up the role of head of professions and healthcare in 2021.

Medical malpractice insurance covers medical professionals, such as dentists, against claims arising from their alleged failure to provide medical treatment, or negligence during treatment.

Boyce said: “Our newly formed healthcare team has decades of experience behind them and a wealth of knowledge of not only working with regimented and government-controlled industries, but also in pioneering solutions for the new digital health companies that are playing an increasingly important role in how our healthcare professionals deliver the care patients need.”

This follows major implications for brokers and insurers following last April’s landmark County Court judgment in Breakingbury v Croad, which ruled that dental practice owners now need to be insured for vicarious liability claims.  

Rising tide of emerging threats

CFC’s healthcare team now has 15 underwriters working across 80 countries, in partnership with 1,600 brokers that reach over 6,000 end clients worldwide.

Boyce added: “Healthcare professionals and businesses are increasingly facing a new wave of emerging risks.

”While the convergence of medicine and technology has been quietly underway for several years, the pandemic forced a massive acceleration in the adoption of digital health solutions.

“We believe that bringing our experts together under one operating unit will deliver the skills and focus required to continue to create insurance and risk management solutions that are fit for purpose and mitigate the rising tide of emerging threats to patient safety.”