’Through this expansion, Cowbell aims to educate and provide the best coverage options available,’ says VP and general manager

Cowbell has extended its cyber coverage to UK mid-market businesses with an annual turnover of up to £1bn, a statement released today (8 January 2024) revealed.

US-based Cowbell officially entered the UK market in mid-2023 and tailored its solutions towards small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Simon Hughes, vice president and general manager for Cowbell UK, said the firm was extending the availability of its cybersecurity coverage due to demand for advanced solutions in the mid-market segment.

“As cyber attacks increase year-after-year, both in the UK and globally, business owners are often left guessing how to better protect their businesses against these pressing threats,” he added.

“By leveraging our proven track record, vast risk pool and innovative technology we’ll be able to safeguard not only SMEs, but also empower businesses with greater complexities, larger operations and serve a broader clientele.

“Through this expansion, Cowbell aims to educate and provide the best coverage options available to these business owners, closing the insurability gap.”


The firm said it was able to expand its coverage following a period of growth since entering the UK.

This growth was backed by the launch of Cowbell Prime One, which allows brokers to customise cyber policies for different risk exposures, such as email scams, ransomware and social engineering. 

The firm also made several senior appointments, including Hughes, UK sales director and cyber specialist Catherine Aleppo and UK underwriting director Claud Bilbao.

Bilbao said: “Cowbell’s journey into the UK market has been nothing short of remarkable, engaging with hundreds of brokers across the country in a remarkably short period.

“As the London market base for Cowbell, I’m privileged to work closely with many of these brokers and am looking forward to bringing that experience and value in navigating the complexities of the industry to larger enterprises.”