’I am really excited to be joining the technology and data team,’ says new appointee

Howden has appointed Tommy Ahearne as the new chief data officer for its driving data division, a statement released today (18 July 2023) has revealed.

The broker said it had made the move as it looks to enhance its driving data division’s capabilities, including expanding its technology and teams.

Howden Driving Data is a telematics company that specialises in the use of behavioural and geospatial data to provide firms with loss prevention and loss management solutions.

It said appointing Ahearne reflected its commitment to invest in talent to develop enhanced data solutions for insurers and brokers.

“I am really excited to be joining the technology and data team at Howden Driving Data,” Ahearne said.

“The application of connected car and telematics data can do so much to ensure correct risk pricing and policy management, so I am keen that we at Howden Driving Data supply those data services in an effective, innovative and cost effective way to the market.”


Ahearne brings over 10 years of experience in insurance telematics to the role, having held senior positions at a range of companies.

This includes being the development manager at Wunelli and chief technology officer at Smartdriverclub Insurance.

He has joined Howden from software as a service firm Calamp, where he supported their European businesses as director of software engineering.

Jon Law, managing director of Howden Driving Data, said: “Tommy’s appointment reflects Howden Driving Data’s strategy to attract talented individuals to join our business, ensuring that we are in a position to provide telematics data services to support insurers and brokers in managing risk more effectively and providing outstanding underwriting insight throughout the life of a policy.”