Insurance Times is excited to announce the launch of the 2023 Commercial and Personal Lines Online Ratings

The findings of 2022/23’s Five Star Rating Report: Commercial and Personal lines – including online rating tables – is now fully available, exclusively from Insurance Times.

Insurance Times has been conducting its Broker Service Survey for the past 17 years. Over the last five years, the publication has additionally awarded a star rating out of five, linked to insurers’ scores.

The survey asked brokers for their opinions, attitudes and satisfaction with the service they receive from commercial and personal lines insurance partners.

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The most recent survey, conducted between October and December 2022, saw more than 800 brokers identify and rate the insurers with which they have regularly placed business during the past 12 months. This informs the Five Star Rating Report: Commercial and Personal Lines 2023.

In 2023’s report, Arch Insurance and Covea Insurance ranked the highest when it came to commercial lines service for brokers. These two insurers were awarded the maximum five stars for overall service across all five of the service areas investigated by the Broker Service Survey.

Meanwhile, seven insurers achieved an overall four star rating for their commercial lines service – one insurer achieved a three star rating and three insurers gained a two star rating.

Covea Insurance also came out on top in this year’s personal lines results – it was the only insurer to be awarded five stars by brokers for personal lines service. Three insurers were awarded four stars by brokers for their personal lines service, while two insurers achieved an overall three star rating. Only one insurer received two stars by brokers.

In particular, Hiscox performed very poorly this year, continuing the trend from last year’s result – the insurer ranked in last place across both commercial and personal lines, according to broker respondents. 

The commercial lines findings also ranked AIG, Allianz, Axa, Chubb, Hiscox, Markel, NIG, QBE, RSA and Zurich. The personal lines results include Ageas, Aviva, Axa, Chubb, Covea Insurance, Hiscox, LV= and Zurich.

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Every year the Insurance Times also investigates how various broker groups rate the service they have been provided. This includes insights from Top 50 brokers, large independent brokers, small independent brokers, brokers part of a network, SME focused brokers, mid-corporate focused brokers and more.

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The Five Star Rating Report: Commercial and Personal Lines 2023 is available for subscribers. The full report includes additional insight around insurers’ performance levels, as well as granular broker feedback on insurers’ products and services.

For insurers wanting to receive in-depth analysis from the report, the 2023 Commercial and Personal Lines Data Insight Book can be acquired by emailing Aisha Roberts at Analysis into broker group performance and feedback from over 800 brokers are included on all insurers that met the threshold to be included in this survey. 

Insurance Times’ head of research Savan Shah said: “Thank you to all the brokers across the nation that came forward to participate in the survey – your views and feedback will surely steer the insurer market through challenging times over the next year.

”I have seen firsthand how seriously insurers take the feedback you provide, so thank you for influencing your insurer partners”.

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Commercial Lines

The overall scores this year show that the combined service delivery ratings considerably improved, going from 3.59 out of five in 2022 to 3.76 in 2023. This market average result was also achieved in 2020, which poses the question of are we returning to a level of service last seen before the disruption caused by Covid-19? Going by broker feedback, it seem many insurers are meeting new expectations, while others have fallen further in terms of satisfaction with service levels they provide.

The highest performing service factor in 2022/23, just as it was for the previous four years, is quality of cover, achieving an average score of four out of five, an increase from last year’s 3.92 out of five.

In 2022/23, underwriting experience became the poorest-achieving service factor across the board for a second consecutive year, achieving a combined average of 3.64 out of five – a slight improvement from last year’s 3.62.

Personal Lines

The market average declined over the previous three personal lines surveys, highlighting a perceived decline in service. This year’s results, however, suggest that the overall combined service delivery across the market rose slightly.

In 2022, the overall average score of the insurers included in the survey was 3.86 out of five and this year it has risen to 3.91 out of five.

The highest performing service factor in 2023, as it has been for the past five years, is quality of cover, which achieved an average score of 4.32 out of five, a year-on-year increase from 2022’s 4.14.

The poorest achieving service factor, as in previous years, was overall relationship management, with a market average score of 3.57 out of five, slipping further down from the 3.62 achieved last year and the 3.70 achieved in 2020.

However, the market average score improved in service areas such as underwriting and policy documentation, which rose from 3.89 last year to 4.06 this year.

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