’AI models continue to transform businesses and are one of the keys to unlocking sustainable growth,’ says global head of AI

KPMG has launched a new global framework that will ensure a responsible and ethical approach to artificial intelligence (AI) transformation.

In a statement, the firm said that the guide will be based on 10 pillars, including fairness, transparency, explainability, accountability, data integrity, reliability, security, safety, privacy and sustainability.

It said that this would help provide guidance for the design, build, deployment and use AI technology solutions while also “accelerating value and making the difference for clients, people and communities”.

The move builds on the KPMG’s multibillion investment in AI, which has been on the rise as more businesses become digitised following the Covid-19 pandemic.

New role

As part of the launch of the new framework, KPMG also announced that it had appointed David Rowlands as its new global head of AI for KPMG International.

The role will see him collaborate and coordinate with specialists from across the global organisation to help drive and implement KPMG’s AI strategy.

He will also help member firms embed and adhere to the governance outlined in the framework.

The appointment came after technology solutions provider FIS revealed in August 2023 that some 63% of insurance executives were investing in AI and machine learning compared to 50% of those in the US.

“I am excited about the promise of AI. With the ability to boost productivity with speed and scale, AI models continue to transform businesses and are one of the keys to unlocking sustainable growth in a way that can build a better future for people, companies and society,” Rowlands said.

”By responsibly embracing AI, we see the potential to fully harness its power by bringing together the human ingenuity, business and industry expertise of KPMG professionals with the power and scale of AI programmes.

”I am looking forward to working in collaboration with people from across the globe to firmly position KPMG as a leader in AI.”