The MIB confirms that feedback so far has been ‘very positive’

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) has confirmed that the next phase of testing for the planned Litigation in Person (LiP) portal will take place later this month.

The introduction of the LiP portal is one facet of the Civil Liability Act, known colloquially within the industry as ’the whiplash reform’; part one of this litigation received Royal Assent in December 2018.

The portal aims to empower claimants to process their own personal injury claims online, up to a revised £5,000 limit, without the aid of a solicitor; this is an increase on the previous £1,000 small claims limit.

The first two testing phases were completed in November last year; the MIB stated that consumer feedback so far “has been very positive”.

Plans pressing ahead

The next round of testing for the new portal is scheduled to start this month, covering the full user journey.

A spokesperson at the MIB explained: “The results are helping is identify areas where improvements can be made ahead of the service launch.

“The next phase of testing is scheduled to start later this month, which will inform plans to make further improvements. Once completed, we will publish high level feedback about what we learned from the two phases of testing.

“The MIB recently published the latest integration specifications, and we will soon be providing more information to explain how professionals can register for the new service at their convenience ahead of launch. The date that the registration window will open will be confirmed very soon.”