’The world is getting more complicated, with a multitude of constantly and quickly evolving factors and situations,’ says head

(Re)insurance group MS Amlin has revealed that it will bolster its exposure management and modelling capability through a new partnership with Moody’s RMS.

The firm said the partnership had been struck in response to the increasing complexity of risks facing its clients.

The deal will see MS Amlin use a number of Moody’s applications, including Exposure IQ, Risk Modeler and Treaty IQ.

By onboarding multiple applications, the firm will have access to an integrated solution across exposure management, catastrophe modelling, pricing and portfolio management.

Dr Jessica Turner, head of exposure management at MS Amlin, said: “The world is getting more complicated, with a multitude of constantly and quickly evolving factors and situations.

”The ability to deeply understand our exposures, to model scenarios, test a variety of hypothesis and then use that as the basis for our risk management and pricing is vital, if we are to continue our development as a leading Lloyd’s market player.

”I’m delighted to be working with Moody’s. Their modelling and analytical software will accelerate our capability and support our insurance and reinsurance lines and we’re confident in Moody’s reputation as a partner that we can work with over the long-term.”


MS Amlin said the move formed part of a broader strategy to make its modelling capability the new market standard.

It also hopes the deal will drive increased workflow speed and efficiency, which will help free up its modellers to focus on other services.

Michael Steel, general manager at Moody’s, said: “Investing to empower your risk modellers and analysts through the provision of high performance, intuitive and integrated applications designed for their specific roles, and combined with the latest risk insights, in turn helps them to perform at their very best.

”The applications eliminate the burden of manual workarounds and allow decision makers to focus on exploring and asking ’what if’ questions using a uniform data set and to share and integrate relevant insights to the wider business.

”We are looking forward to working with MS Amlin to achieve its risk management and business goals.”