’If drivers don’t have this popular cover, they risk footing a hefty bill,’ says managing director

Some insurers are removing windscreen cover from their offering in a bid to provide drivers with cheaper policies.

That was according to AA Insurance, which said in a statement yesterday (27 September 2023) that motor insurance products being advertised as basic or essential was tempting motorists looking to keep costs down.

However, it warned that these policies typically remove aspects like windscreen cover.

And the firm said that heating elements, sensors and cameras meant the average cost to replace a windscreen was £700.

Gus Park, managing director of AA Insurance Services, said drivers were risking having to make a large payment if they did not have the right cover in place.

”Windscreens are more than just a pane of glass, even on older cars,” he added.

“Technology such as heads up display, rain and light sensors and cameras all need to be calibrated when replacing the screen.

“If drivers don’t have this popular cover, they risk footing a hefty bill.”


This came after a poll by the AA found most drivers wanted to have windscreen cover included in their motor policy.

The poll, which received 12,903 responses from AA members, showed that more than eight out of 10 drivers (86%) consider having windscreen cover on their insurance policy important, while three fifths said it was very important.

As a result, the firm urged drivers to check their car insurance policy.

Park added: “With household budgets being squeezed there is a temptation to find cheaper alternatives, but when it comes to car insurance it could be a case of not knowing what you’re missing.

“Windscreen cover is commonly removed on entry level insurance policies, so it is worth checking what you are covered for.

”Claiming for windscreen damage is one of the most common reasons drivers use their policy. If it is not included, then drivers are likely to lose the saving they made when buying a basics policy.”