LV= and DWF successfully convict nine for a cash for crash scheme after a five-day trial

Nine people have been convicted after a five-day trial which saw them found guilty of contempt.

The cash for crash claims involved three fictitious car crashes in September and November 2011, all of which happened in North London.

The defendants each made a claim for damages which was supposed to have been caused by a driver insured by LV. LV’s investigations led them to believe the policies had been set up in fictitious names and the accidents had not taken place so declined the claims and made no offers to settle.

The defendants all brought civil actions for personal injuries and other losses including claims for recovery and storage by Park View Claims, and claims for credit hire from DSA Automotive. Had these claims been successful, they were valued in the region of £350,000 with the inclusion of the claimant’s solicitor’s costs that were claimed against LV.

Of the nine people that were given jail time, four were committed to prison with immediate effect for 16, 12, 9 and 4 months respectively. The remaining five passengers each received four-month prison sentences, suspended for one year.

Clare Lunn, LV fraud director, said: “This is a great result for LV and society. The gang all played their part in this cash for crash scam and worked together to stage several fictitious accidents. We’re pleased that custodial sentences were handed down today and hope these criminals serve as proof that fraud doesn’t pay.”

Marsha Crossland, associate at DWF added: “Despite the claims being exposed by LV and DWF as fraudulent, these claimants continued to pursue their compensation claims until the first day of a 5-day trial in the County Court. Then when they were prosecuted by LV for contempt of court, they still denied involvement in a fraud even throughout another 5-day trial- this time in the High Court. Fortunately, the judge saw through their lies and handed down some significant sentences today. This is a victory for the honest motorist who has for too long suffered higher premiums as a result of fraudsters like these.”