Ridiculous claims? How about this. Jewellery claims specialist

Loss Management Group (LMG) was surprised to find a picture of a cockerel when it opened its post recently.

"We had been dealing with a claim from a lady who'd lost some jewellery in a burglary and we asked her whether she had any photos she could send us, to support her claim," said Tina Slimmon, senior jeweller at LMG.

The lady said she would put a picture of George in the post.

Slimmon assumed that George was her partner - and that the missing jewellery would actually be shown somewhere in the picture.

When the post arrived next morning, however, it transpired that George was a cockerel.

"We examined the picture really carefully to see if there was any jewellery visible anywhere - perhaps on a hand in the background - but there wasn't," said Slimmon.

"It was just - a cockerel."