I write in response to your article "Lack of liability cover keeps Shropshire skate park closed" (20 June, Insurance Times). I was the underwriter who requested three years' claims experience - these are the rules set by the principal to our delegated authority, due to the sheer volume of this type of risk now hitting the market.

Perhaps the wrath should more properly be directed at Claims Direct and their ilk and the band of personal injury solicitors that follow them.

Unfortunately the leisure industry is a prime target. Many sports and pastimes are hazardous, giving these people a perfect opportunity to attempt a claim. As your readers will know, most insurers have pulled out of this market altogether, which then throws a capacity problem on to the few remaining companies who will write the business.

The same problem is now afflicting operators of Motocross tracks, karting circuits, bouncy castles and outdoor pursuit centres. If something is not done to stop this ever increasing claims culture, the time will come when there are no leisure facilities for any of us to enjoy.

Paul Hudson