Government to provide flood defence data to NU

Norwich Union is in talks with several companies about the possibility of creating a drainage map to better identify flood risk.

The insurer worked with flood risk and environmental management consultant JBA, to produce a detailed flood map that it has used since 2004. But the map only shows river-related risks.

The company wants a more detailed map that highlights drainage issues, which were exposed as a major problem in the 2007 floods.

Simon Black, head of flood mapping at Norwich Union, said: “A couple of companies are developing models. We’re trying to understand how they do that and overlay it on our existing models.”

Black added that the government had agreed to supply the insurer with its flood defence data, which, along with a drainage map, would supply a more complete picture.

Water companies have not been forthcoming with their data.

Black said the government could encourage the companies to supply information by offering an amnesty for their data.