In your article Backchat "Who's next for the hub?" (15 January, Insurance Times) you suggested that Folgate might be about to acquire Broker Network.

It is always flattering to see Broker Network's name associated with other "movers and shakers" in our industry, (and let's face it these guys do seem to move and shake more than most!) but unfortunately on this occasion such association is undeserved.

Much as I know IT likes to be proved (time and time again) that it predicted what was about to happen, I'm afraid that on this occasion your crystal balls have let you down.

For the record, Broker Network is not for sale. We are not selling to Folgate, nor are we even in discussions with Folgate or anyone else for that matter. We are quite happy with our position as the UK's number one general insurance network thank you.

Could it be that someone is making mischief at your expense and ours? I wonder who that could be?

Grant Ellis
Chief executive
The Broker Network Ltd

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