Norwich Union (NU) has ruled out offshoring anymore jobs to India for the time being, according to NU Insurance chief executive Patrick Snowball.

Last week NU told workers at a call centre in Bishops-briggs, near Glasgow, that their jobs would not be moved offshore. Instead, the staff would be moved to new premises nearby.

Snowball said that because the lease on the building was to expire in September 2006, NU had considered sending some or all of the jobs offshore. But the group has now decided against this.

He said: "We feel there is now a natural balance, which seems about right. We have created 8,000 jobs in India - more offshore jobs than any other UK insurer. But after our acquisition of RAC we now have 41,000 jobs in the UK."

Snowball added that no front-line, customer-facing jobs in the RAC would be sent to India.