Seven stolen mini diggers worth £100,000 have been recovered by The National Plant and Equipment Register (TER) following a raid in Hertfordshire.

The Kubota mini-excavators, worth around £100,000 and insured by Norwich Union, were stolen from a tool hire company in Bletchley.

According to TER, the excavators were found in the back of a written-off trailer bearing the slogan 'Eat More Chips', some 30 miles away.

An examination of TER's database showed that seven Kubotas had been stolen in Bletchley on 20th April. Further investigation revealed that the fleet and serial numbers of the stolen excavators matched those of the diggers found in the trailer.

Paul Sullivan, Norwich Union's property underwriting manager,said: "Both we and our client are delighted that the equipment has been recovered by TER.

"In an effort to drive down the cost of equipment-related crime and fraud while improving the recovery of stolen equipment, Norwich Union is closely examining ways in which we can extend support for TER's work with the police and ourselves."

As the stolen diggers have since been returned to their owner, Norwich Union has not had to pay the theft claim.